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Personalised Weight Loss Training Programme |  Build Muscle, Lose Flab

Many people seek out personal training to lose weight or, more accurately, lose fat. Often, they want to change their shape – some want to tone up without bulking up, while others want to bulk up and trim down. With Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness, it’s all possible.

We look at your specific goals then help you achieve the shape you’re looking for, working towards building muscle, mobilising fat and losing flab. You’ll probably see the results quite quickly and feel them within a few short sessions. You’ll certainly feel more energised.

Weight Loss Training Personalised For You

We start with your diet and exercise history, then put together a weight loss programme that combines diet, exercise and psychological coaching.

Success is based on three foundations:

By tailoring to your unique set of circumstances and factoring in your body type, we pledge to achieve your ideal shape, keeping you motivated as we go.

Find Out More About Our Successes

We invite you to read our success stories of clients who achieved their weight loss objectives.

Contact us to find out more or to ask any questions. There’s no obligation to proceed and it might be an important first step towards a fitter, leaner you.

Cycling Fitness

Personal Boxing Training North West London | Boxercise | Tone Up & Lose Weight

If you’re looking for rapid toning combined with weight loss, including boxing & cycling in your training programme (or ‘boxercise’ as it’s sometimes known) may be right for you. It’s now becoming increasingly popular, as more men and women come to appreciate its all-round fitness and stress-relieving benefits.

Boxing gives you a great work-out, toning arms, legs, chest and abdominals, while promoting cardiovascular fitness. You can expect improved muscle strength and endurance, increased metabolism and lean muscle mass and improved agility, reflexes, co-ordination and mental focus.

While it doesn’t involve an opponent or exchanging any blows, boxing helps improve confidence and increases your capacity for self-defence. Best of all, it’s great fun and leaves you feeling empowered and energised.

Contact us for more information about personal boxercise courses at your home or a convenient location.

Cycling Fitness

About Tim Hayes | Qualified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach UK

Tim Hayes is one of the UK’s leading Personal Trainers and is an increasingly sought-after spokesman for the industry. He has worked all over the world with clients from all walks of life, from stay-at-home mums, to busy executives, to A-list celebrities and top international models. He has helped many stars achieve their ideal shape in preparation for work commitments and high profile public events.

One of the world’s most highly qualified Personal Trainers

Tim is among the top 5% worldwide for personal training qualifications. In addition to his undergraduate degree, he holds a Diploma in Sports Science and is a qualified Diet and Nutrition Coach, Bike Fitness, a certified Boxing Coach and Kettlebell Instructor and has specialist credentials in Pre- and Post- Natal Exercise, Corrective Exercise, Programme Design, Core Conditioning and Scientific Back Management. His advanced qualifications include:

    • Faster Global – Diploma in Functional Performance
    • Faster Global – Advanced Functional Trainer
    • Faster Global – Advanced Nutrition
    • National Academy Sports Science – Corrective Exercise Specialist
    • C.H.C.K Institute – Scientific Back and Core Conditioning

Committed to responsive and responsible training

Tim is dedicated to best results for each of his clients, designing personalised training programmes that take account of their unique lifestyles and underlying health conditions. He takes the trust placed in him seriously and only employs Personal Trainers who meet his exacting standards. His focus is on correct technique – unlocking the right muscles at the right time with the right method – and on creating a fitness training experience that is fun, sustainable, safe and ensures that individual goals are always met.

Cycling Fitness

About Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness

Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness began with a vision – to create a results-driven, flexible and, above all, realistic personal training service. Tim Hayes, elite Personal Fitness Instructor and the founding Director of Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness, is the first to admit that, without this kind of approach, he would long ago have reverted to his default position of ‘couch potato’. Based on his own experience and drawing on his many qualifications, Tim has devised a personal training fitness system that relies as much on common sense and intuition as on his scientific knowledge of the way the body works.

Responding to real-life circumstances

By asking the right questions, each Tim Hayes Fitness Instructor creates bespoke cycling personal training programmes, taking account of your work schedule, home commitments, physical condition and other factors. The priority is to make sure you get a personalised plan that’s convenient, manageable and allows you to enjoy yourself while you’re working out and getting in shape.

Working with functional movement

A Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness Personal Trainer will look at what you do in everyday life and how you go about it, taking note of the movements and habits you repeat often and naturally. By creating fitness programmes based on so-called ‘functional movement’, we work with the body rather than against it, helping you reach your physical best in keeping with your unique physiology.

Adapting sessions to real-time conditions

One of the most important principles we work with is meeting you exactly ‘where you’re at’ on any given day. We understand that what might work well on one day might not work so well on another and respect the body’s natural intelligence. This flexible way of working means we’re always going with the flow, giving you the work-out that will challenge you best on the day.

Contact us to speak to a Personal Fitness Instructor in London or to book your initial consultation.

Cycling Fitness

Functional Fitness North West London – Nick Compten Case Study

Functional fitness has been a buzz word for many years . For many it means using body weight or ‘functional’ training equipment such as a kettlebell or a bikes to do exercises with. Back in the day I fell into this trap and thought because I used different training tools and got my clients to do funky/functional exercises I was a functional trainer, I WAS WRONG.

I’m going to use Nick Compten – English Cricketer to illustrate my point.

“I met Tim in July 2015 and had heard he was a functional fitness trainer. His first session consisted of him assessing the way I moved. Having had previous injuries I had always been taught to move in symmetry with correct alignment. Tims assessment was nothing I had experienced before and I found it very challenging and insightful.

For our next session he brought a cricket bat and had me play some shots. We then talked about the movements I went through during a game and he then began to build exercises to improve those movements. 30 mins into my session I was broken but my body was ‘feeling’ better, it moved better and I seem to be better at doing the things I needed to do for cricket. I’m still not entirely sure what he did but he certainly opened my eyes to a new way of thinking with regards to functional fitness training.

~ Nick Compten

What is Functional Fitness?

Functional fitness in its truest form means training to improve the way your body needs to move for a specific function., its technical and it requires education on the trainers part. Whether its weight loss, improving muscle tone rehab or being better at a sport functional fitness covers all aspects of exercise, after all if your body moves better you will be able to perform better which will lead to faster results, something we all want.

Is Functional Fitness Right For You?

Personally I would always suggest functional training over traditional strength and conditioning methods it allows your body to move more freely and is generally a bit more varied and fun than lifting lots of weights. However, it should be done with caution. Functional fitness can be more prone to injury simply because of the demand on your body and even more so in a group environment.

In an ideal world work with a personal fitness trainer that has studied functional performance and movement. You should always check the qualification of who ever are training you, especially in a group environment.

Probably the best advice I can give to anyone is pay attention to how your body feels when you are training. Know when you are doing an exercise where you should be feeling it and if its working for you change the exercises, change the movement or seek professional advice. The no pain no gain approach doesn’t sit with me well, exercises should be specific for you, it should be hard for your body, but throwing a kettlebell around or doing hundreds of random movements for an hour with no real direction will yield limited results on the whole.

Please refer to our Functional Fitness page for more information.

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Cycling Fitness

Speed, Agility and Quickness – Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness

We can add further variety to your cardiovascular bike training programme by heading out to an open space and doing something fun and different. Speed, Agility and Quickness (or ‘SAQ’ as it’s known in the industry) has traditionally been used by professional athletes to improve their timings and mobility. It’s an exciting and novel way to exercise, gets you out in the fresh air, and triggers fat loss faster than traditional ‘cardio’ training methods.??

Tim Hayes first encountered SAQ when playing rugby and, since then, has included it in his sessions when appropriate. Hurdles, ladders and cones can get your body moving in ways it wouldn’t normally do, and inject an element of spontaneity. Techniques like this put you through your paces and leave you feeling good about what you can achieve with expert attention and motivation. It’s engaging, exhilarating and challenging – and something you simply couldn’t do at your local gym.

Contact us for more information about personal training for speed and agility at a convenient location.

Cycling Fitness

Innovative & Challenging Cardio Programmes | Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness

Cardiovascular (or ‘cardio’) work plays a vital role in any personal training programme. Not only is it important for burning calories, it’s vital for general and improved fitness and helps reduce the risk of heart disease in later life. Our personal trainers know that getting fit ‘cardiovascularly’ can be hard work, so we put together personalised bike programmes that are challenging, yet varied and fun.

Making cardio work-outs work for you

If you’ve ever trained in a gym before, you’ve probably seen enough of treadmills. Our Personal Trainers have dispensed with the treadmill approach, quite aside from the fact that we train you on location. We always provide innovative and exciting ways to add cardio work to your programme and use a number of engaging techniques to get your heart rate up and your weight down. Whether it’s boxing, TRX, ViPR or speed training, you’re sure to enjoy your work-outs more than you would using gym-bound techniques.

Mobile personal training outdoors

One of the best things about mobile personal training is that it lets us bring nature to you, when and if you want to get fit in London’s amazing outdoor spaces. We work on this basis all over London, which allows us to introduce exhilaration and spontaneity into our personalised cycle training programmes. It’s a fantastic way to get outdoors in all seasons and make the most of this grand old capital.

Contact us for more information about personal training for cardiovascular fitness at your home or a convenient location.

Cycling Fitness

Our Personal Training Success Stories

Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness

“I have been flying trainers out to train me for many years. Tim is without a doubt the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. I used to bulk out too much on my legs and Tim was able to work on improving my muscle sequencing in order to reduce my quads and get me the bum I always wanted”

“After going back to school to finish my studies, a Vogue shoot came up and I had only five weeks to get ready. Tim was referred to me by Next Models. He was professional, funny and, most importantly, got me the measurements I needed.”

“I’m really glad I went for the initial consultation. It didn’t cost me anything and it made me sure I wanted to train one-to-one. I trusted the trainer as soon as I met him and, considering the results I’ve had, it’s really been worth it.”

“Over the years I have worked most of the top celebrity trainers in the world, but was never able to get the body I wanted. Tim has an amazing eye for how each individual person should be trained and understands that what may work for one client may not work for the next. In a matter of weeks I was smiling at myself in the mirror and able to wear those dresses that I never felt comfortable in, I have to say its astonishing what he does and how he works”

“I train on bikes with Tim when I’m back in London and it’s always nice to work with him. He always tells me off about my diet, but listens to my struggles and makes realistic suggestions. It’s amazing how quickly I see results. I wish I could take him everywhere.”

Brian had worked with Personal Trainers all his life and couldn’t achieve the shape he was looking for. In frustration, he approached Tim Hayes, who conducted a thorough exercise history and discovered why Brian had been unsuccessful. Previous fitness professionals had not taught Brian how to use his muscles correctly. His muscle activation was poor and he needed to learn how to fire them in the right sequence. Brian achieved his fitness goal within three months, losing four inches off his waist. He is especially pleased with the way his chest and arms now look.

“Tim fits all my criteria. He is dedicated, focused and has great technical knowledge. He makes me work hard and even though he always pushes me to my limits, I always really enjoy my sessions.”

Sarah is your typical working mum, with two small children (aged two and four) and a busy part-time job. She couldn’t seem to find the time for a dedicated fitness programme, despite having tried for a couple of years since the birth of her second child. Sarah was assessed by Tim Hayes and prescribed an exercise and nutritional programme tailored to her needs and circumstances. Most of her training sessions were conducted at home, where it was most convenient with the two children. Sarah lost her baby weight within twelve weeks and trimmed down to the weight she’d been before her first pregnancy.

“Tim is a very supportive trainer – he helps you focus on what you are trying to achieve. He pushes you but keeps it fun and is also great with my kids who are always trying to ‘help’! I totally recommend him, specially if you’re a busy working mum like me.”

“As one of the leading celebrity Personal Trainers, Tim Hayes is regularly asked to write for national publications and to speak at industry events.”

“As the face of Top Shop I wanted to further my modelling career in New York and Paris. I could not believe the changes he made to my body in such a short space of time – thank you, it’s completely amazing.”

“We regularly use Tim Hayes to help our models get in to and maintain the best shape possible for them. He provides a friendly service and a personal approach, tailoring the programme to each client and understanding the needs of the individual. The results have spoken for themselves and we are delighted with his services.”

“Tim has transformed my career. The modeling industry is tough, so I decided to work with Tim to get in shape for a big casting. If you want the best and are prepared to work hard, Tim will give you the results you want, way faster than you may imagine.”

Ruth was scheduled to attend a special event with her husband and ordered a stunning dress, a size too small, to improve her motivation to lose weight. The dress manufacturer made a mistake and sent her a dress one size below what she’d ordered and two sizes below her original. Rather than return the dress, Ruth decided to work with Tim Hayes, who tailored a diet and exercise programme to fit her schedule and match her goal. Ruth was able to wear her dress to her husband’s event, two sizes smaller than when she’d started. Within four months she’d also achieved the bikini body she’d always wanted.

“I’d previously found going to the gym a bore, but Tim made it varied and loads of fun. I soon saw the benefits and was thrilled to achieve a result I never would have thought was possible.”

“Closer already selected a trainer for me, but I was introduced to Tim by a friend. After a few sessions I knew he was special so decided to work with him for the cover shoot. I lost just over three stone in three months – what else is there to say?”

“From time to time we need a model to change shape for a specific shoot. We have used many trainers in the past, but Tim always delivers the results we want in the time scales required. Having now worked with some of the world’s top supermodels, we always trust him to come up with the goods.”

“I’d previously found going to the gym a bore, but my trainer made it so varied and a lot of fun. I soon saw the benefits and felt so much better about myself. I’ve learned a lot and established some really good habits.”

“Approaching my 50th birthday I realised I wasn’t as fit as I was in my football-playing 30s and 40s. I needed help, not just with motivation, but also with the technical aspects of what to do and how to do it. Tim finds the right balance with exercises – not so easy as to be pointless and not so hard as to overstretch you.”

“I’ve tried so many different ways of getting fit, but have never managed to stick with one for more than a few weeks. Personal training has turned that around – I now know that all I needed was focused attention to get me started and keep me on the right track.”

“Tim is a very supportive trainer – he helps you focus on what you are trying to achieve. He pushes you but keeps it fun and is also great with my kids who are always trying to ‘help’! I totally recommend him, specially if you’re a busy working mum like me.”

“Working with my Personal Trainer has transformed my life. I was in a physical and mental rut and was slowly giving up on ever being fit again. She challenges me in a fun way and is teaching me how to appreciate my body again. I’ve never felt fitter or happier.”

“Having trained with serious athletes, including Olympic rowers, I understand how important it is to tailor a fitness programme so that it really delivers. My trainer is able to do just that. He helps you decide what you want to achieve, puts in place a realistic plan, then works with you to make it happen.”

Cycling Fitness

Personal Training Could Make You Fatter

This might sound like an odd title coming from a cycling personal trainer but it’s time to get real about a few things. Since I started personal training in 2005 pretty much 9 out of 10 clients have come to me with one primary goal, they want to look better, and this generally means losing body fat and going after an aesthetic goal. I’m then asked “How long will it take to reach my goal?”.

Why Personal Training Could Make You Fatter

The perception in the fitness industry is, exercise more eat less and you will get results. I’m sorry to say that it’s not always as simple as that. If you think that exercising with a personal trainer or signing up to an intense group personal training program is going to fix your weight loss problems you may be in for disappointment.

I have seen over the years a new trend forming particularly around boot camps and high intensity personal training. Barry’s Bootcamp has locations globally and delivers high intensity group personal training sessions to the mass market. I don’t have a problem with high intensity exercise or group personal training and I believe it has its place however, it’s important for you to understand that this type of fitness may be detrimental to your goals. What I mean is sweating hard for an hour may not reduce body fat.

The Endocrine System

Live Science describes the Endocrine system as:

“A collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things”


One of the hormones that regulates metabolism is Cortisol. Cortisol causes the liver to produce sugar and causes a breakdown of muscle and fat to create this sugar. Cortisol also helps the body regulate its response to stress. Lastly, Cortisol decreases inflammation and decreases the immune system response. In short if you want your body to burn fat and deal with stress efficiently, you want a good Cortisol level.

Precision Nutrition has a great article on cortisol and states that inadequate nutrition, training stress which, could be high intensity training, overtraining, lifestyle stress and or a lack of sleep, can increase cortisol levels leading to inflammation (bloating) and most importantly slow down your bodies response to burning fat.

The Body Image Movement

The Body Image Movement was set up in 2012 when a women Taryn Brumfitt came to the realisation that she needed to love herself from the inside out. Taryn realised that breast surgery was not the answer and thought it would also set a bad example for her children. The body image movement focuses on women but I dont think its any different for men these days, the social pressures to look like a front cover fitness model is huge.

Personally I feel the fitness industry focuses too much on aesthetics’ and not enough on fitness and lifestyle. I don’t believe, unless you are a model, aesthetic goals are healthy. I have taken many clients to a specific weight who are still not happy in their own skin. I also feel that worrying about your weight or how you look turns into stress and unhealthy eating patterns. This can contribute to higher cortisol levels or other hormonal imbalances which could affect how your body deals with food and most importantly body fat.

What Makes you Happy?

If I had a magic pill that I could give to the entire planet that would make them happy in their own skin I would. The reason why I became a personal training is because ultimately I want to make people happier and I believe this can be achieved by being fit, healthy, having a balanced lifestyle and being comfortable in your own skin. The latter two points are often missed when someone approaches a fitness program and specifically with personal trainers I don’t think it’s focused on enough, it’s a term I like to call lifestyle coaching. Let’s take yoga as an example:

I’ve stolen this quote from Yoga Lifestyle Coach but for me it sums things up quite nicely.

Swami Satchidananda on the importance of moderation:
“Yoga is not for the person who eats too much, or who starves him or herself. Yoga is not for the person who sleeps too much, or who doesn’t sleep at all. The middle path is Yoga. The Yogi knows how much to eat, to sleep, to speak. That is the middle path. It is the Buddha’s teaching also, the golden medium. You should go neither to that extreme, nor to this extreme. So, don’t abruptly cut off your senses. Allow the senses to enjoy the world, but don’t get carried away with them. If we know there is a limitation in everything, then life will be good to us.”

Most people who attend yoga on a regular basis live the yoga way of life, they implement lifestyle changes into their life to match their goals. I’m not saying everyone should attend yoga classes, i’m just saying we need to approach our fitness goals differently and look at the bigger picture, does thin equal happiness?

Some Solutions

My number one suggestion for everyone, regardless of your fitness, level is to go and see a qualified functional nutritionist that can assess you properly and get the relevant tests done. I don’t mean someone that will give you a food plan to follow, I mean someone that has extensive knowledge and experience in nutritional testing. You need to know what is going on inside and if there are any imbalances that you should be addressing. In order to rule this out you should do it before it’s 3 months down the line and you don’t know why your body isn’t responding the way you expected.

If you have been exercising for some time and you don’t feel your body is responding in the way you want then the chances are either the type of exercise you are doing isn’t working for you, your goals and or expectations are unrealistic or you need more nutrition and fitness support.

High intensity and or circuit based training isn’t the solution for everyone but seems to be the most popular way of training. I would generally give an exercise and nutrition program 3 months before you expect to see any changes.

Define your goals in terms of lifestyle changes first, then fitness and then weight loss and looking thinner, not the other way around, if you can get the first two right the later will follow 😉

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Cycling Fitness

Weight Training for Increased Muscle Strength

Weight training should be a part of every personal training programme, using either your own body weight or external weights for resistance. Muscles need to be regularly exercised and stretched to maintain their mobility and elasticity and there’s no better way than working a dedicated personalised programme. The benefits of increased muscle tone – aside from looking good – are important for all-over general health, since many of the body’s organ systems are influenced by muscle fitness.

From trimming and toning to body building

Tim Hayes Personal Trainers use a system of weights ranging from two to 22 kilos, to meet the needs of women and men across the spectrum of interests and fitness levels. Weight training covers simple body weight exercises to heavier and more complex movements, always bearing in mind your ability and fitness objectives.

Setting up fitness habits for life

With weight training, correct use of muscles is all-important. The consequences of anything less can be negative and significant. This is where personal training comes into its own. By working a programme one-to-one adapted to your needs and capacity, you will learn how to activate core muscles correctly during exercise. Working with a mobile personal trainer offers even greater benefits because of the variety and spontaneity that can be introduced into your personal training sessions.

Contact us for more information about personalised weight training at your home or a convenient location.