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Tim Hayes – UK’s Leading Personal & Celebrity Trainer 

Tim Hayes is an intelligent and internationally acclaimed personal trainer. He has had the privilege of working with royals, presidential families and has been the go to trainer for Elite London preparing models for specific shoots. His core client base and business however, will always remain the mass market.

Graduated with BSc Hons. in 2000, Tim worked in the city of London for 5 years before becoming a personal trainer in 2005. Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness was established in 2007 and fast became one of London’s most successful mobile personal training companies.

Personal Training Qualifications

Tim is among the top 5% worldwide for personal training qualifications.

“Education and attention to detail has been paramount to my success as a trainer, and a mentor to my team, I never stop learning. The quality of my training and the service we give our clients is really special” Tim Hayes

In addition to his undergraduate degree Tim also hold a diploma in sports science and his advanced qualifications include:

  • National Academy Sports Science – Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Faster Global – Specialist in Functional Performance
  • Faster Global – Specialist in Functional Therapy
  • Faster Global – Advanced Nutrition
  • Certified Boxing Coach
  • Advanced Kettlebell Instructor
  • Ante and Post-Natal Specialist
  • Bike Personal Trainer
  • Faster Global – Core Momentum Trainer
  • Faster Global – Neural Notching
  • Faster – Training Expert

Personal Training Style

Tim has trained thousands of clients. His vast experience means he is able to work with any type of client both male and female at any fitness level. His unique approach blends both his experience and vast education to deliver tailored sessions that focus on correct movement patterns, challenging both the body and mind of his clients.

Tim believes that training is not the whole solution so takes great care to understand his clients lifestyle and nutrition in order to give a truly holistic and bespoke solution. His primary goal is to deliver a result and educate clients in how to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Each client is treated completely individually and as such his training and nutrition programs are specific to that client, nothing is generic.

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Cycling Fitness

Tim Hayes Celebrity Personal Trainer London

Tim Hayes works all over the world with royal and presidential families, his client base is so exclusive he is signed non disclosure so we can’t talk about them and we can’t show you any press coverage.

I had worked with all the well known celebrity trainers, I was never very impressed they seemed better business people than actual trainers. I was introduced to Tim via the owner of a training company and they spoke very highly of Tim, so I flew him out to work with me for two weeks. I knew within the first 5 minutes of working with Tim he was special, his personality, intuition, technical knowledge, he was extremely impressive. Tim is a very special trainer he offers so much more than you would image, I now use him on a regular basis when he is available
A Royal

Tim’s Opinion on Celebrity Personal Trainers

I have to say I don’t like the term celebrity personal trainer, simply because I don’t respect many of the celeb trainers, I have worked with many clients who were wowed by the people these guys had trained, but they have focused too much on their brand and their business and becoming celebs themselves rather than continuing to learn and continuing to stay ahead of the game from a knowledge and technical position.

Personally I treat every client the same, regardless of who they are I believe if someone is entrusting me with their body then I need to know exactly what to do with with it both technically and mentally, and from an exercise and nutrition perspective.

Over the years I have built a great team around me to ensure that my clients have the best possible solutions on the planet available from nutritionists, to sports doctors, osteopaths, chronic pain specialists, physiotherapists. I don’t want to be a jack of all trades, I do what I do very well and I let others do the same.

Due to Tim’s confidentiality his press coverage is limited, and some includes

The Sun
Daily Mail

For More Information Contact Tim Hayes on 020 7096 9396.

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Meet Our Team Of Experienced & Qualified Personal Trainers

Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness

Tim Hayes is one of the UK’s leading Personal Trainers and is an increasingly sought-after spokesman for the industry. He has worked all over the world with clients from all walks of life, from stay-at-home mums, to busy executives, to A-list celebrities and top international models. He has helped many stars achieve their ideal shape in preparation for work commitments and high profile public events.

Tim Hayes is one of the UK’s leading Personal Trainers and is an increasingly sought-after spokesman for the industry… Toby is an exceptional trainer and his continued education and qualifications in movement, Sports conditioning, functional therapy and nutrition means …
Alex has experience as a Personal Trainer, Performance Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Fitness Manager… Mustafa is an amazing trainer with the attributes to become a world class trainer, he is one of the trainers in north London, with excellent knowledge about the human anatomy…
Adrian coaches, trains and mentors clients across various areas of the south, central and north London. He travels to clients and trains them in their home or on local parks using… As an ex professional basketball player competing at a national level for his country of Hungary, Tommy has a dynamic, competitive, and disciplined personality which is combined…
Francesca is a highly developed and experienced personal trainer. With a background in women’s health and fitness, experience in weight training, track and field, nutritional therapy, … Paul a key part of the Tim Hayes Fitness brand and has been a personal trainer since 2001. He coaches, trains and mentors clients across various areas of the south, central…
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Personal Training in West London

I decided to work with a trainer because I was fed up of going to the gym and not seeing the results I wanted. I tried a few trainers and decided to work with one of Tim’s head trainers. their approach is very different, their knowledge is amazing in life, exercise and nutrition, three of my friends are now working with their team and I would highly recommend them
Peter 40 Personal Training West London

Whoever you are and whatever your fitness level is, our West London personal trainers will deliver a level of service that will far exceeds your expectations.

Our one -one and group West London personal training sessions include:

  • Nutrition Program Design
  • Nutrition Testing
  • Exercise Program Design
  • Out of Session Support
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Lifestyle Coaching

For the best description of what we do please click here to watch our video.

Mobile Personal Training West London

Sometimes having children, or simply a hectic work schedule/life means getting to a gym simply takes up to much time or just doesn’t work for you.

  • We turn up at a time that suits you
  • We travel to your home, office, or local park in any west London location
  • We bring all the equipment you need

Personal Training West London Locations

If you’re somebody with a taste for fresh air, why not let the most experienced personal trainers in West London introduce you to the delights on your own doorstep? West London personal trainers covers, Brent, Hammersmith and Fulham, Ealing, Richmond, and Wandsworth.

If your schedule doesn’t allow time for a daily jog around Shepherds Bush Green, then why not give Time Hayes Lifestyle Fitness a call and see how we can work around you. Whether it’s heading to your office for a lunchtime workout or perhaps your home before the day begins, we promise to be where you need us and right when you need us most.

Richmond – We have have a wide range of clients in Richmond: Stay at home mums, executives, models and high profile clients. Personal training in Richmond park is a real pleasure. The autumn and winter months are very special and if you are an early morning person, working out whilst seeing the breath coming off a random deer is stunning.

As a personal training company we try to get as many people as possible personal training in richmond park, its far more interesting than exercising indoors.

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Personal Training in South London

If you’re living or working South of the river and seeking a Personal Trainer, Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness is definitely for you.

I have been training with Tim since November last year and love every session we have together, I used to hate the gym and Tim has totally changed that for me. Not only is he a wonderful trainer but a great lifestyle, nutrition and life coach. I look forward to every session as he understands exactly what I want to achieve and keeps me focused on my goals.
Emily 30 – Lingerie Model – Personal Training South London

Our one -one and group South London personal training sessions include:

  • Nutrition Program Design
  • Nutrition Testing
  • Bike Training
  • Exercise Program Design
  • Out of Session Support
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Lifestyle Coaching

For the best description of what we do please click here to watch our video.

Personal Training In South London parks

We’re especially keen on training outdoors in the wide-open spaces, for the many opportunities it gives to introduce fun, spontaneity and variety. It’s exhilarating and energising to work out in nature and you can take advantage of exercising in ways that are not possible in the gym. Our South London Personal trainers conduct regular one-to-one sessions with clients on Clapham Common, Hyde Park and Richmond Park, to name a few.

Clapham Common – an excellent place to work out, with enough space and varied terrain to provide lots of interest to training programmes and great cardiovascular fitness opportunities

South Kensington – Kensington Gardens, Holland Park and the Royal Hospital Chelsea all offer idyllic tree lined spaces to train with your Tim Hayes personal trainer.

Hyde Park – if training in the heart of London is for you, then what better venue, with its structured spaces, Serpentine views and even the potential for royal-spotting thrown in.

Knightsbridge – fountains, lakes, historical architecture and a huge variety of wildlife provides a glorious backdrop against which to work with your personal trainer.

Richmond Park – an idyllic setting in which to train, with plenty of wilderness and privacy (ideal for celebrity clients) and only the odd deer for an audience.

Wimbledon – the calm and tranquility of Wimbledon Common is perfect for well-structured personal training sessions against a natural backdrop.

Barnes – the ultimate riverside area in southwest London full of history and offering plenty of great riverside runs and personal training areas overlooking the Thames.

Your Personal Trainer in South London is not restricted to these parks – maybe you can introduce us to some undiscovered outdoor treasures even closer to where you live.

Contact us for more information about South London personal training at your home or a convenient location.