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Machines & Equipment We Use at Tim Hayes Lifestyle

If machines and equipment were the key to successful training programmes, then gyms would retain many more that the one in ten clients they do. If you’re reading this, the chances are you’re one of the nine and have realised that.

We believe training programmes fail because they are not personalised enough. So first off, we get that right, then bring the right equipment to you. We only use professional equipment and keep ahead of the latest trends to make sure you’re working under optimum conditions. Equipment you can expect to use during your training sessions includes:

Bikes & Road Bikes for training – Picking a good bike for exercise is key to this personal training. You can train but if you still take the car you are losing the opportunity to use a bike and burn more calories.

Body Bars – used on their own or with resistance bands, these add an interesting dimension to weight training exercises

BOSU® Balance Trainer – essentially half an exercise ball with a solid base, excellent for cardiovascular work and core training

Boxing equipment – boxing is a fun way to get the heart rate pumping and relieve the stresses of the day

Dumb bells – a quality, well calibrated system that allows for gradual or fast transition from the lightest to the heaviest weights

Foam Roll – used to improve flexibility and core strength

Kettlebells – ranging from eight to 24 kilos, kettlebells are a great way to really challenge yourself and get into great shape

Medicine Balls – weighted balls, which are fun and functional, used to increase agility and core strength

Resistance Bands – these add variety and greater challenge to traditional weight training programmes

Swiss Ball – sometimes referred to as the ‘exercise ball’ or ‘stability ball’ and used to improve core strength, mobility and flexibility

SAQ equipment – using ladders, hurdles and cones for speed, agility and quickness training is great fun and impossible at the gym

TRX® Suspension Trainer – the TRX is a functional way to use your body weight and great for increasing core strength

ViPR – ViPR stands for vitality, performance and reconditioning which is exactly what you get with this tool; an excellent all-over work-out

Contact us for more information about personal training at your home or a convenient location.