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Weight Training for Increased Muscle Strength

Weight training should be a part of every personal training programme, using either your own body weight or external weights for resistance. Muscles need to be regularly exercised and stretched to maintain their mobility and elasticity and there’s no better way than working a dedicated personalised programme. The benefits of increased muscle tone – aside from looking good – are important for all-over general health, since many of the body’s organ systems are influenced by muscle fitness.

From trimming and toning to body building

Tim Hayes Personal Trainers use a system of weights ranging from two to 22 kilos, to meet the needs of women and men across the spectrum of interests and fitness levels. Weight training covers simple body weight exercises to heavier and more complex movements, always bearing in mind your ability and fitness objectives.

Setting up fitness habits for life

With weight training, correct use of muscles is all-important. The consequences of anything less can be negative and significant. This is where personal training comes into its own. By working a programme one-to-one adapted to your needs and capacity, you will learn how to activate core muscles correctly during exercise. Working with a mobile personal trainer offers even greater benefits because of the variety and spontaneity that can be introduced into your personal training sessions.

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