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ViPR Fitness Training In London | Full Body Training London

The ViPR (Vitality, performance and reconditioning tool) is a completely functional piece of equipment that mimics many pieces of fitness kit – road cycling training poles, trunks, power bags, kettlebells, medicine balls and dumb bells.

A ViPR work-out is extremely versatile and can accommodate thousands of different strategies and movements. Its unique design allows you to bridge the gap between muscle strengthening and cardiovascular training and to successfully work the body all over.

At Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness, we love the ViPR for its dynamism and the dimension and interest it adds to our personalised training programmes. We will introduce it as and when you choose, to achieve a range of fitness objectives.

It’s effective and fun and, in our book, that counts for a lot. So don’t be surprised to hear us recommend you give it a try.

Contact us for more information about personal training with the ViPR at your home or a convenient location.