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Speed, Agility and Quickness – Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness

We can add further variety to your cardiovascular bike training programme by heading out to an open space and doing something fun and different. Speed, Agility and Quickness (or ‘SAQ’ as it’s known in the industry) has traditionally been used by professional athletes to improve their timings and mobility. It’s an exciting and novel way to exercise, gets you out in the fresh air, and triggers fat loss faster than traditional ‘cardio’ training methods.??

Tim Hayes first encountered SAQ when playing rugby and, since then, has included it in his sessions when appropriate. Hurdles, ladders and cones can get your body moving in ways it wouldn’t normally do, and inject an element of spontaneity. Techniques like this put you through your paces and leave you feeling good about what you can achieve with expert attention and motivation. It’s engaging, exhilarating and challenging – and something you simply couldn’t do at your local gym.

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