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Pre & Post Natal Fitness Trainers & Exercise Programmes North London

At Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness, we’ve worked with many women who want to stay in shape while preparing for childbirth or get back into shape after having a baby. In fact, this is one of our specialist areas and one of our biggest sources of word-of-mouth recommendation. As an expectant or new mum, you know you’re in safe hands with us. So anyone seeking pre or post natal fitness instructors in North London we are the team for you.

Fitnesss before the birth

Pre-natal fitness training should only ever be undertaken if you were cycle exercising before you became pregnant. In this case, it’s essential that you continue your training under professional supervision. Our Personal Trainers are specifically qualified to work with you through all the trimesters and prepare you for the birth in the comfort of your own environment.

Fitness training after the baby’s born

We know how difficult it can be to juggle the demands of a new baby with a post-pregnancy exercise programme, which is why personal training at home for post natal fitness is such a good solution. Because of our experience in post-natal exercise, we’ve become adept at lending a hand with managing baby and young children while taking you through your paces. And when you’re ready to move outside, we can adapt your programme to outdoor spaces close to where you live.

Contact us for more information about pregnancy and exercise training at your home or a convenient location.