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Personalised Weight Loss Training Programme |  Build Muscle, Lose Flab

Many people seek out personal training to lose weight or, more accurately, lose fat. Often, they want to change their shape – some want to tone up without bulking up, while others want to bulk up and trim down. With Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness, it’s all possible.

We look at your specific goals then help you achieve the shape you’re looking for, working towards building muscle, mobilising fat and losing flab. You’ll probably see the results quite quickly and feel them within a few short sessions. You’ll certainly feel more energised.

Weight Loss Training Personalised For You

We start with your diet and exercise history, then put together a weight loss programme that combines diet, exercise and psychological coaching.

Success is based on three foundations:

By tailoring to your unique set of circumstances and factoring in your body type, we pledge to achieve your ideal shape, keeping you motivated as we go.

Find Out More About Our Successes

We invite you to read our success stories of clients who achieved their weight loss objectives.

Contact us to find out more or to ask any questions. There’s no obligation to proceed and it might be an important first step towards a fitter, leaner you.