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“I have been flying trainers out to train me for many years. Tim is without a doubt the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. I used to bulk out too much on my legs and Tim was able to work on improving my muscle sequencing in order to reduce my quads and get me the bum I always wanted”

“After going back to school to finish my studies, a Vogue shoot came up and I had only five weeks to get ready. Tim was referred to me by Next Models. He was professional, funny and, most importantly, got me the measurements I needed.”

“I’m really glad I went for the initial consultation. It didn’t cost me anything and it made me sure I wanted to train one-to-one. I trusted the trainer as soon as I met him and, considering the results I’ve had, it’s really been worth it.”

“Over the years I have worked most of the top celebrity trainers in the world, but was never able to get the body I wanted. Tim has an amazing eye for how each individual person should be trained and understands that what may work for one client may not work for the next. In a matter of weeks I was smiling at myself in the mirror and able to wear those dresses that I never felt comfortable in, I have to say its astonishing what he does and how he works”

“I train on bikes with Tim when I’m back in London and it’s always nice to work with him. He always tells me off about my diet, but listens to my struggles and makes realistic suggestions. It’s amazing how quickly I see results. I wish I could take him everywhere.”

Brian had worked with Personal Trainers all his life and couldn’t achieve the shape he was looking for. In frustration, he approached Tim Hayes, who conducted a thorough exercise history and discovered why Brian had been unsuccessful. Previous fitness professionals had not taught Brian how to use his muscles correctly. His muscle activation was poor and he needed to learn how to fire them in the right sequence. Brian achieved his fitness goal within three months, losing four inches off his waist. He is especially pleased with the way his chest and arms now look.

“Tim fits all my criteria. He is dedicated, focused and has great technical knowledge. He makes me work hard and even though he always pushes me to my limits, I always really enjoy my sessions.”

Sarah is your typical working mum, with two small children (aged two and four) and a busy part-time job. She couldn’t seem to find the time for a dedicated fitness programme, despite having tried for a couple of years since the birth of her second child. Sarah was assessed by Tim Hayes and prescribed an exercise and nutritional programme tailored to her needs and circumstances. Most of her training sessions were conducted at home, where it was most convenient with the two children. Sarah lost her baby weight within twelve weeks and trimmed down to the weight she’d been before her first pregnancy.

“Tim is a very supportive trainer – he helps you focus on what you are trying to achieve. He pushes you but keeps it fun and is also great with my kids who are always trying to ‘help’! I totally recommend him, specially if you’re a busy working mum like me.”

“As one of the leading celebrity Personal Trainers, Tim Hayes is regularly asked to write for national publications and to speak at industry events.”

“As the face of Top Shop I wanted to further my modelling career in New York and Paris. I could not believe the changes he made to my body in such a short space of time – thank you, it’s completely amazing.”

“We regularly use Tim Hayes to help our models get in to and maintain the best shape possible for them. He provides a friendly service and a personal approach, tailoring the programme to each client and understanding the needs of the individual. The results have spoken for themselves and we are delighted with his services.”

“Tim has transformed my career. The modeling industry is tough, so I decided to work with Tim to get in shape for a big casting. If you want the best and are prepared to work hard, Tim will give you the results you want, way faster than you may imagine.”

Ruth was scheduled to attend a special event with her husband and ordered a stunning dress, a size too small, to improve her motivation to lose weight. The dress manufacturer made a mistake and sent her a dress one size below what she’d ordered and two sizes below her original. Rather than return the dress, Ruth decided to work with Tim Hayes, who tailored a diet and exercise programme to fit her schedule and match her goal. Ruth was able to wear her dress to her husband’s event, two sizes smaller than when she’d started. Within four months she’d also achieved the bikini body she’d always wanted.

“I’d previously found going to the gym a bore, but Tim made it varied and loads of fun. I soon saw the benefits and was thrilled to achieve a result I never would have thought was possible.”

“Closer already selected a trainer for me, but I was introduced to Tim by a friend. After a few sessions I knew he was special so decided to work with him for the cover shoot. I lost just over three stone in three months – what else is there to say?”

“From time to time we need a model to change shape for a specific shoot. We have used many trainers in the past, but Tim always delivers the results we want in the time scales required. Having now worked with some of the world’s top supermodels, we always trust him to come up with the goods.”

“I’d previously found going to the gym a bore, but my trainer made it so varied and a lot of fun. I soon saw the benefits and felt so much better about myself. I’ve learned a lot and established some really good habits.”

“Approaching my 50th birthday I realised I wasn’t as fit as I was in my football-playing 30s and 40s. I needed help, not just with motivation, but also with the technical aspects of what to do and how to do it. Tim finds the right balance with exercises – not so easy as to be pointless and not so hard as to overstretch you.”

“I’ve tried so many different ways of getting fit, but have never managed to stick with one for more than a few weeks. Personal training has turned that around – I now know that all I needed was focused attention to get me started and keep me on the right track.”

“Tim is a very supportive trainer – he helps you focus on what you are trying to achieve. He pushes you but keeps it fun and is also great with my kids who are always trying to ‘help’! I totally recommend him, specially if you’re a busy working mum like me.”

“Working with my Personal Trainer has transformed my life. I was in a physical and mental rut and was slowly giving up on ever being fit again. She challenges me in a fun way and is teaching me how to appreciate my body again. I’ve never felt fitter or happier.”

“Having trained with serious athletes, including Olympic rowers, I understand how important it is to tailor a fitness programme so that it really delivers. My trainer is able to do just that. He helps you decide what you want to achieve, puts in place a realistic plan, then works with you to make it happen.”