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Mobile Personal Training With the TRX® Suspension Trainer London

The TRX suspension trainer was created by the US Navy Seals as a portable fitness tool that could be used anywhere. Essentially, it comprises two straps that can be connected to almost anything and, by allowing a variety of body angles, cater to every need. Suspension training is a functional way to utilise your body weight and ensures your core muscles are constantly being challenged. It’s also a great way to get your heart rate up and keep the calories burning.

The TRX is perfect for mobile personal training as it is versatile and can be used effectively indoors and out. With literally hundreds of exercises possible, it is suitable for all levels of fitness and you are guaranteed an exhilarating work-out. Our Personal Trainers are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to challenge you, as well as make sessions fun and unique – with the TRX, this is a given.

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