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Innovative & Challenging Cardio Programmes | Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness

Cardiovascular (or ‘cardio’) work plays a vital role in any personal training programme. Not only is it important for burning calories, it’s vital for general and improved fitness and helps reduce the risk of heart disease in later life. Our personal trainers know that getting fit ‘cardiovascularly’ can be hard work, so we put together personalised bike programmes that are challenging, yet varied and fun.

Making cardio work-outs work for you

If you’ve ever trained in a gym before, you’ve probably seen enough of treadmills. Our Personal Trainers have dispensed with the treadmill approach, quite aside from the fact that we train you on location. We always provide innovative and exciting ways to add cardio work to your programme and use a number of engaging techniques to get your heart rate up and your weight down. Whether it’s boxing, TRX, ViPR or speed training, you’re sure to enjoy your work-outs more than you would using gym-bound techniques.

Mobile personal training outdoors

One of the best things about mobile personal training is that it lets us bring nature to you, when and if you want to get fit in London’s amazing outdoor spaces. We work on this basis all over London, which allows us to introduce exhilaration and spontaneity into our personalised cycle training programmes. It’s a fantastic way to get outdoors in all seasons and make the most of this grand old capital.

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