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We do things differently from other personal trainers, because our clients want more. It’s the reason why presidential families, royals, models, and sports professionals (Read our case study) choose to work with us. Our core client base, however, will always remain the mass market and as such our prices remain competitive.

Our highly customised and tailored service focuses on two key components:

  1. Functional fitness.
  2. Lifestyle coaching.

What is Functional Fitness?

Our personal trainers have advanced qualifications in biomechanics – the science behind functional fitness. Functional fitness is key because we understand exactly how your body moves and performs in a session. This ensures each movement and exercise in a session is specific to that person. This not only yields faster results but also ensures your goals are always met and is specific to your requirements.

What is Lifestyle coaching?

Turning up to a personal training session, exercising, changing your lifestyle and eating habits is not easy. Our lifestyle coaching model is unique and tailored to each client. We work with clients outside of our sessions to help them change lifestyle habits. We believe lifestyle coaching is crucial to reaching goals and more importantly sustaining those goals.

How We Work

Our complementary consultation process starts by meeting each client. This helps us understand the individual’s exercise, lifestyle and nutrition history. A completely tailored training and nutrition map is then draw up to match the agreed goals.

We can’t stress enough that at Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness nothing is generic. We continuously monitor results and change training and nutrition plans to reach the goals that have been agreed upon.

Please feel free to click here if you would like to speak to us about our process.

Our Team

We hand select personal trainers that have an edge, an ability to think outside the box, a level of maturity to motivate and mentor clients, and who have extensive qualifications and a track record that sets them apart from other trainers. We are so stringent with our selection process that we would rather have a waiting list than take on a trainer that doesn’t live up to the brands expectations.

We meet with our trainers regularly to ensure each clients needs are being met and that our clients receive a level of service that far exceeds their expectation.

“We redefine personal training, we change clients lives.” Tim Hayes

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