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Kettlebell Fitness | Strength Training & Muscle Building London

Kettlebells break away from the traditional style of weight training and are a fun and exciting way to get into great shape. They are a fantastic fitness tool that have, for good reason, taken the wellness industry by storm. Used by mobile Personal Trainers because they are easy to transport and can be deployed anywhere, they generally provide a tougher work-out than traditional weight systems. If you are willing to work really hard for your best-ever shape, then kettlebells may be for you.

Tim Hayes is a certified Advanced Kettlebell Instructor and has trained with the industry’s leading experts. Ranging from eight to 24 kilos, kettlebells cater to each body type and will provide you with a great all-in-one cardiovascular and muscle toning work-out. Before recommending this technique, our Personal Trainers will always conduct a full health assessment, to guarantee a safe and rewarding experience.

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