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Toby Harley – Tim Hayes Fitness

Since starting as a Personal training, Toby has become one of the top trainers in his field and is highly sought after throughout London and a mentor for his clients. His continued education in biomechanics, nutrition, sports therapy and functional therapy means he is a trainer who is hungry for knowledge. His consistent success with clients has led to him building a recognized name for himself in the industry.

Toby works with a wide range of clients from professional athletes to clients that simply need to lose a few pounds for an event such as a wedding or a photo shoot. Toby is passionate about his clients and understands that London life is stressful, his coaching support outside the sessions is vital for success, helping his clients navigate through any obstacle they come across. Toby has been with the company for four years and was recently promoted to a master trainer due to his continued learning and exceptional skill sets


  • Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • BTEC Level 2 National Certificate in Sport Conditioning.
  • FASTER Advanced Functional Trainer (Performance)
  • FASTER Diploma in Functional Performance?
  • Certificate in Kettlebell Training
  • Certificate in Medicine Ball Training
  • Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy

Previous Experience

  • Virgin Active – Personal Trainer
  • Personal Fitness Interests
  • Weight Training
  • Body Building
  • Functional Training
  • Contact Sport
  • Team Sports
  • Assault Courses

Biggest Personal Fitness Achievement

  • From a young age rugby was Toby’s sport of choice and he excelled through various school levels and he represented England U18s and straight out school in a contract with a Premiership Rugby Club. Unfortunately, Toby picked up a career ending injury three months into his professional contract and he re trained as a personal trainer.

What Makes Him Tick

  • Toby is a driven individual and gets great satisfaction when his clients achieve their goals. He is very passionate about his career and coaches his clients into a lifestyle change when they come to him for help. Toby enjoys being a valuable part of the team and has a selfless character. He is has a competitive sporting background and naturally brings that into his work and everyday lifestyle which benefit the people around him.

Coaching Style

  • Toby uses a wide range of tools with his clients because he understands that every person is different. He has an ability to build a meaningful professional relationship with his clients. The client is the priority and their targets are what Toby tackles head on with a methodical approach and finds the lines between balancing the clients wants and needs.

Toby’s Training Tip

  • Planning and sorting your priorities are two main factors that I believe obstruct people with their approaches to their fitness goals. Simple planning such as writing lists and reminders can do wonders of good and help you to plan your day to day lives efficiently and enjoyably.

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