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Tim Hayes – UK’s Leading Personal & Celebrity Trainer 

Tim Hayes is an intelligent and internationally acclaimed personal trainer. He has had the privilege of working with royals, presidential families and has been the go to trainer for Elite London preparing models for specific shoots. His core client base and business however, will always remain the mass market.

Graduated with BSc Hons. in 2000, Tim worked in the city of London for 5 years before becoming a personal trainer in 2005. Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness was established in 2007 and fast became one of London’s most successful mobile personal training companies.

Personal Training Qualifications

Tim is among the top 5% worldwide for personal training qualifications.

“Education and attention to detail has been paramount to my success as a trainer, and a mentor to my team, I never stop learning. The quality of my training and the service we give our clients is really special” Tim Hayes

In addition to his undergraduate degree Tim also hold a diploma in sports science and his advanced qualifications include:

  • National Academy Sports Science – Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Faster Global – Specialist in Functional Performance
  • Faster Global – Specialist in Functional Therapy
  • Faster Global – Advanced Nutrition
  • Certified Boxing Coach
  • Advanced Kettlebell Instructor
  • Ante and Post-Natal Specialist
  • Bike Personal Trainer
  • Faster Global – Core Momentum Trainer
  • Faster Global – Neural Notching
  • Faster – Training Expert

Personal Training Style

Tim has trained thousands of clients. His vast experience means he is able to work with any type of client both male and female at any fitness level. His unique approach blends both his experience and vast education to deliver tailored sessions that focus on correct movement patterns, challenging both the body and mind of his clients.

Tim believes that training is not the whole solution so takes great care to understand his clients lifestyle and nutrition in order to give a truly holistic and bespoke solution. His primary goal is to deliver a result and educate clients in how to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Each client is treated completely individually and as such his training and nutrition programs are specific to that client, nothing is generic.

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