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Tim Hayes Celebrity Personal Trainer London

Tim Hayes works all over the world with royal and presidential families, his client base is so exclusive he is signed non disclosure so we can’t talk about them and we can’t show you any press coverage.

I had worked with all the well known celebrity trainers, I was never very impressed they seemed better business people than actual trainers. I was introduced to Tim via the owner of a training company and they spoke very highly of Tim, so I flew him out to work with me for two weeks. I knew within the first 5 minutes of working with Tim he was special, his personality, intuition, technical knowledge, he was extremely impressive. Tim is a very special trainer he offers so much more than you would image, I now use him on a regular basis when he is available
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Tim’s Opinion on Celebrity Personal Trainers

I have to say I don’t like the term celebrity personal trainer, simply because I don’t respect many of the celeb trainers, I have worked with many clients who were wowed by the people these guys had trained, but they have focused too much on their brand and their business and becoming celebs themselves rather than continuing to learn and continuing to stay ahead of the game from a knowledge and technical position.

Personally I treat every client the same, regardless of who they are I believe if someone is entrusting me with their body then I need to know exactly what to do with with it both technically and mentally, and from an exercise and nutrition perspective.

Over the years I have built a great team around me to ensure that my clients have the best possible solutions on the planet available from nutritionists, to sports doctors, osteopaths, chronic pain specialists, physiotherapists. I don’t want to be a jack of all trades, I do what I do very well and I let others do the same.

Due to Tim’s confidentiality his press coverage is limited, and some includes

The Sun
Daily Mail

For More Information Contact Tim Hayes on 020 7096 9396.