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As an ex professional basketball player competing at a national level for his country of Hungary, Tommy has a dynamic, competitive, and disciplined personality which is combined with extensive knowledge and understanding of health and fitness. With over five years experience as a personal trainer working for various corporate gyms across the U.K he is a great addition to team and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience


  • Lifetime Diploma in Personal Training with Referred Population
  • Lifetime Functional Resistance and Sports Specific Training
  • Training in alternative environments
  • GP Exercise Referral
  • Ante/Post Natal Accreditation
  • Group Studio Cycling
  • England Basketball Level 1 Coaching Award

Previous Experience

  • York Vikings -Basketball Coach
  • David Lloyd-Personal Trainer
  • Virgin Active-Personal Trainer
  • Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness-Head Trainer

Personal Interests

  • Sports Specific Training
  • Toning
  • Weight Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Functional Training
  • Group Classes

Outstanding Personal Fitness Achievement

  • Playing basketball for the Hungarian National Team 18 times and competing at the Euro 2000 qualifiers in Spain.

What Makes Him Tick

Tommy attains great pleasure and satisfaction seeing his clients achieve their goals by getting the best out of them and helping them set new boundaries for themselves.

He is extremely motivated towards improving people’s lives through sports and physically exercise and is driven to the forefront of the fitness industry regarding new and exciting developments.

Coaching Style

With his open-minded and patient nature,Tommy quickly assesses the needs and demands of his clients whilst introducing them to a higher level of self- awareness and confidence.

By introducing innovative exercises, using a varied range of equipment and new techniques he keeps clients on their toes making the development process exhilarating and stimulating.

He is particularly adept at understanding the needs of each individual client regardless of age or ability, whilst taking into consideration aspects of their lifestyle and environment and not only adapting but improving all areas of their life.

By instilling good habits and he creates a pathway to a long lasting love of exercise and lifestyle.

Top Training Tip

  • Think outside the box- stimulate your brain and your body will follow. Results happen when your body and mind connect and you’re having the time of your life!

Personal Philosophy

We will never know where our ability lacks and falls short unless we challenge ourselves and push past our current comfort zone, but then how does one expect to improve themselves without knowing what areas need to be improved upon?

Together we can ignite the desire to succeed, make attempts become achievements, and when you reach your goal you will realise that the journey taken to get there was just as rewarding as the goal itself and your confidence soars so high you know you can overcome anything.


I have to say Tommy has been amazing since that first trial session, it started with the initial trial where he managed to really push me after 10/15 minutes,it was very funny and has provided some good encouragement and banter since,but most importantly it showed how unfit I really was.

We started training end of April and frankly I was a disaster but in each and every session Tommy has been extremely encouraging in all aspects not just the work out but everything I need to do to pull it together.

Each session is a good challenge and I always seem to be pushed to my limits. I think what I have really enjoyed is the variations in each work out. Tommy is really good at explaining as well as providing exercises I can come back to the gym and recreate myself, he is also extremely good and getting me to push that little bit further each time.

Well after 2 months I have to say even I am a little surprised. I am now lost 10kg and although there is still a way to go I am really pleased, not only that though, I am now able to run further than I have done for years and can start playing football again.

Big thanks to Tommy for everything, imagine he probably hadn’t seen someone quite so out of shape, but he has managed to perform a minor miracle.

Sam Barry

The sign of an exceptional instructor is when your sessions are filled with laughter and enjoyment every single time regardless of how you were feeling before. You come away feeling energised and invigorated, light on your feet but your body hurts like hell the day after. That’s a good workout!

With Tommy’s programmes I am well on the way to having the body I’ve always wanted but never thought possible. I look forward to training both with him but also on my own as he has taught me that its not ‘practise makes perfect’ but ‘perfect practise makes perfect’ and even though his training is strict to achieve the desired results, they are always filled with good humour.

If you want to see real results then Tommy is your man!

Polly Th’ng

TTraining with Tommy is invigorating and stimulating. He has introduced new exercises, equipment and techniques to keep my body guessing and I have been able to achieve better results than ever before! His sessions are well thought out and prepared before we begin and such fun even throughout the pain! Alongside valuable nutritional advise I’m in the best shape of my life so far and hope to continue this new lifestyle.

I would recommend Tommy to anyone if they can find a slot with this highly popular guy in his busy schedule.

Sara Koops

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