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We travel to every London borough and we work with our clients at their home, local parks, offices, or local personal bike training studios. We also travel internationally with clients when required. It can be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise after a long days work and the thought of adding more time to your day to get to the gym, get changed and then have to wait for equipment can be an excellent excuse not to go. Some people may also find gyms intimidating, like you already have to be fit and beautiful to become a member.

Unfortunately all of the mainstream London gyms pay their trainers badly which means you will mainly find average trainers there. London is such a great city for training outdoors, no matter where you are there’s bound to be an excellent park within a mile or two. We particularly like hampstead heath, its just such a beautiful space with amazing seasonal changes and colours and far more interesting than going to a gym.

You may also see a Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness personal trainer running about in Clapham Common, Primrose Hill, Regents Park, Hyde Park or Richmond Park with a client but to name a few. At Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness we focus on functional training, so we are not about pushing heavy weights. Personally we would much rather have you outside in a local park with a trx (link) strapped to a tree and a speed ladder than in a gym on some horrible boring machine.

Personal Training in London Parks

London has some beautiful parks, and its just a shame to work indoors when you have these at your fingertips.

Hampstead Heath – Beautiful, idyllic, peaceful, and an amazing view of london first thing in the morning.
Primrose Hill – The best view of london at the top of the hill and the the foot has a lovely outdoor gym.
Regents Park – Affording some of the most beautiful surroundings in London, this is a favourite among clients, with its quiet roads, excellent running track and unexpected little corners providing great support for cardiovascular fitness training.
Queens Park – Quite popular with personal trainers particularly the bandstand as it give you shelter from the rain during the colder months.
Wimbledon – With an amazing athletics track and a beautiful lake, what more do you need.
Hyde Park – A huge space, often very busy but we know all the quiet spots for a private personal training session.
Kensington Park Gardens – Tucked away just off high street Kensington this is easy access for anyone living in the area.

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