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Personal training in North London

Whoever you are and whatever your fitness level is, Our North London Personal Trainers will deliver a level of service that will far exceeds your expectations.

I am a model and signed to Elite London. I have always loved working out and had been training myself in the gym for most of my career. I couldn’t get the look I needed to take my work to the next level and I didn’t know how. Tim had worked with some of the other girls from Elite so I approached Tim and have been training with him and his team for several months now. Tim knows how to sculpt muscles in my body which is very hard to do for the look I need. I recently started working with Rimmel I am very happy training with him and will carry on to do so as long as I can.
Milly International Model

Our one -one and group North London personal training sessions includes:

  • Nutrition Program Design
  • Nutrition Testing
  • Electric Bike Training
  • Exercise Program Design
  • Out of Session Support
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Lifestyle Coaching

For the best description of what we do please click here to watch our video.

Mobile Personal Training North London

Sometimes having children, and or simply a hectic work schedule/life means getting to a gym simply takes up to much time or just doesn’t work for you.

  • We turn up at a time that suits you
  • We travel to your home, office, or local park in any north london location
  • We bring all the equipment you need

Personal Training In North London Parks

We’re especially keen on training outdoors in the wide-open spaces, for the many opportunities it gives to introduce fun, spontaneity and variety. It’s exhilarating and energising to work out in nature and you can take advantage of exercising in ways that are not possible in the gym. Our North London Personal trainers conduct regular one-to-one sessions with clients on Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill and Regents Park, to name a few.

Hampstead Heath – a great place to work out, with enough space and ‘nooks and crannies’ to provide plenty of privacy (ideal for celebrity clients) and with a magic that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Primrose Hill – an exciting venue, with its varying gradients and outdoor gym adding interest to workouts and the view at the top totally awe-inspiring

Regents Park – affording some of the most beautiful surroundings in London, this is a favourite among clients, with its quiet roads, excellent running track and unexpected little corners providing great support for cardiovascular fitness training.

Queens Park – quite a popular spot for a north London personal trainers, its nice and quiet in the early mornings and has a convenient and stand should it get a little wet

Your Personal Trainer in North London is not restricted to these parks – maybe you can introduce us to some undiscovered outdoor treasures even closer to where you live.

Contact us for more information about North London personal training at your home or a convenient location.