Tim Hayes Cycling Training

My name is Tim Hayes and I am CEO of a personal training company that’s been established in London for many years now. I’ve worked hard to attract a diverse range of clients from the super fit to people that are looking to start working out, so I have a lot of experience in this area.

Fitness is a popular concept nowadays considering that it makes you feel good so you can enjoy your daily routine and do more fun things with your partner. It’s important to have fun along the path towards fitness. That’s why cycling has become a trend in London as it is a fun way to practice fitness.

Cycling Fitness With Tim Hayes

Tim Hayes has been a London personal trainer for many years but more recently Tim has taken up training people using bikes. Using cycling as part of personal training is a step up from the idea of getting clients to use a stationary bike in the gym.

Tim has become well trained in getting his clients fitness up, starting with clients who are unfit using electric bikes that offer a more relaxed approach to cycling. Once the client has built up fitness then they move onto road bikes to bring the speed up on the road.

Electric Bikes to Road Bikes for Fitness

I am a personal trainer and I have built up a client base that prefer to workout on bikes. As part of my training I start people off with electric bikes first which get them into working out on bikes, then once they are fit enough we move onto road bikes to take the intensity up a notch.

When most people think of cycling they imagine riding a bike on a flat road. This is often far from the case as most roads have hills and bumps in them! For this reason, telling a new client you are going to start their training on an electric bike can give them piece of mind. Many clients at this stage have never ridden any kind of bike before and won’t know what to expect.

I decided to start training people on bikes after visiting a mate of mine who was training for an Ironman. I use it as a way of helping my clients develop cardiovascular fitness and also by taking them away from the gym and into the fresh air, you often get people who go home with a spring in their step and are generally much more engaged with the session.

World Class Personal Training In London

We provide truly personalised fitness and nutrition solutions that are specific, realistic and sustainable

Who are we?

We are a team of London Personal Trainers who are intuitive and passionate. Our qualifications far exceed those in the mainstream market. We think outside the box.

What do we do?

Who ever you are, what ever your fitness level, we deliver one to one and group personal training in London: weather that is at your home, office, local park or personal training studio – we travel to any London borough.

How do we do it?

We meet you for a confidential complimentary consultation. We need to know where you are at, what you want, why you want it, and what turns you on, then we tell you honestly how you are going to get there.

Our personal training model consists of 4 key elements:


Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness began with a vision – to create a results-driven, flexible and, above all, realistic personal training service. Based on his own experience and drawing on his many qualifications, Tim Hayes, elite personal fitness Instructor and the founding Director of Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness, has devised a personal training fitness system that relies as on intuition as on his scientific knowledge of the way the body works.


One of the most important principles we work with is meeting you exactly ‘where you’re at’ on any given day. We understand that what might work well on one day might not work so well on another and respect the body’s natural intelligence. This flexible way of working means we’re always delivering exceptional results driven sessions, giving you the work-out that will challenge you best on the day.


A Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness Personal Trainer will look at what you do in everyday life and how you go about it, taking note of the movements and habits you repeat often and naturally. By creating fitness programmes based on so-called ‘functional movement’, we work with the body rather than against it, helping you reach your physical best in keeping with your unique physiology.